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Caravan and Motorhome companies such as Fendt, Dethleffs, Burstner, Carthago, Pilote and Hymer use Dekalin products in various ways. They choose Dekalin for sealing roofs, side strips, all parts mounted at side panels, protection of underbody, bonding PMMA windows, sound damping of motor covers and many other applications.

Dekalin, as the partner to the global caravan and motorhome industry, provides a wide range of state of the art technologies to assist manufacturers in meeting their requirements. We provide specific solutions for Bonding, Sealing, Damping and Reinforcing applications.



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The Dekalin product range currently includes:

Dekasyl MS-1
Dekasyl MS-1 is a universal elastic sealant and adhesive which cures with the humidity in the air. Dekasyl MS-1 is suitable for making internal and external elastic sealings and can be used in e.g. the automotive, bus, train, caravan, general and building industry. Also suitable as adhesive where no strong demands are needed on the joint. Dekasyl MS-1 is based on MS Polymer.
Dekasyl MS-2
A good compromise between an adhesive and a sealant. Dekasyl MS-2 is suitable for making elastic constructive joints, which also require a high strength. Dekasyl MS-2 is based on MS Polymer.

Dekasyl MS-5
A MS Polymer based adhesive with a high green strength and is suitable for making elastic constructive joints. Due to its high green strength clamping times can often be reduced or clamps may not be required. Dekasyl MS-5 can also be used as sealant, if similar material (similar stiffnesses) are joined together or if mechanical fastening methods are used.

Dekaseal 8936
Dekaseal 8936 is a high performance polyisobutene (PIB) based sealant and is a permanently slightly sticky, non-hardening, plastic-staying sealant, which can be dabbed away by itself, but cannot be painted over.
Dekaseal 1512
1512 is a single component, plastic-elastic butyl based sealing compound which is free of aromatic solvents. The product produces a dry skin with a high UV resistance and can be painted over. It can also be easily removed with acetone for an example.

Dekapur 2K-90
2K 90 is a (very) fast curing,easy to use structural 2-component polyurethane adhesive. Ideal for structural repairs and bonding plastic parts together.

Dekapren 3649/2
3649/2 is a contact adhesive with good ageing properties. The products main applications can be found in repair work, bodywork and construction. It can easily bond profile rubbers, linings, leather, artificial leather with a textile backside. Dekapren 3649/2 also bonds textiles and felt on metal, painted metal, wood and plastics such as hard PVC, ABS and PA. The solution is also colourless.
Dekalin Repair Kit
Do you need to fix a leak or repair a part while travelling? With the DEKALIN repair kit, you can easily and quickly make small repairs yourself! The repair kit contains an elastic sealant to seal windows, service hatches, door handles and electric sockets. The kit also offers an adhesive to connect satellite or solar system and can also be used to seal seams in the kitchen or bathroom. it also contains butyl sealing tape, universal duct tape and superglue for other applications.
Dekapur 2K-6000 A & B Component
Black solvent based underbody coating. The underbody coating product is widely used in the treatment of vehicles during production, at import plants and in aftermarket applications. When applied to a clean, dry surface, it adheres to both painted surfaces and those coated with a layer of PVC or similar material. Zinc, rubber and plastics are completely unharmed by the product. DINITROL 4941 / Car is also designed for use on spare parts, machines and iron and steel structures in highly corrosive environments

Dekaspatchel is a 2k polyester repair filler, which can be used on many substrates in the manufacturing of caravans, motorhomes and RV’s. The product also provides great filling qualities and is very easy to sand.

Dekaphon 9735
Dekaphon 9735 provides a durable underbody protective coating with anti corrosive properties and is a great underbody protection system solution with excellent sound deadening properties.

Dekaphon 9750
Dekaphon 9750 is a PVA-dispertion water based underbody coating specially designed for wooden floor panels. The product also strengthens plywood panels in order to achieve superior adhesion with MS Polymers.