MPEX® Corrosion Protection

Professional quality corrosion protection that is OEM Manufacturer approved for prolonged metal protection

MPEX® Corrosion Protection products are designed to give the ultimate protection against severe weather conditions, salt residue and harmful chemicals. They are easy to apply across a wide range of objects and materials including: tools, machines, vehicle chassis and boats. The MPEX® brand is your guarantee that our products have been extensively tested in our own research and development laboratories and have passed every test.

MPEX® 100C Metal corrosion protector & MPEX® 120C Universal metal protector

Drying rust preventives MPEX® 100C & MPEX® 120C are both penetrating, moisture repellent, wax based anti-rust agents which can be used where a thin transparent, firm wax-like film is required. Suitable as a supplementary corrosion protection where a drying film is required, or as corrosion protection for equipment, tools and machines.

MPEX® 200A Amber cavity wax

MPEX® 200A is a highly penetrating CLEAR cavity wax with excellent long term anti-corrosion protection capabilities, and lubricating properties. Ideal for industrial and automotive applications. Forms a semi dry non drip surface.

MPEX® 650B Underbody chassis coating

BLACK chassis and underbody protection with excellent sound deadening, anti-corrosion and stone chip protection properties. Provides a black coating dry surface. MPEX® 650B black chassis coating assists with vehicle underbody  corrosion prevention and rust proofing. Protect your vehicle underbody from gravel, salt and harsh weather conditions.



Our best sellers in the MPEX® Corrosion Protection range are: