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MPEX® 100C Metal corrosion protector


MPEX® 100C Metal corrosion protector

Universal metal protector & drying rust preventive
1 x 500ml Aerosol

MPEX® 100C is a thin penetrating moisture repellent. The wax based anti-rust agent is ideal when a firm wax-like film is required. After drying the film is touchable and transparent. MPEX® 100C protects surfaces from UV-radiation, aggressive chemicals and atmospheric pollution. 1 x 500ml aerosol supplied.

  • 100% clear & easy to remove
  • OEM Approved & tested
  • Fast drying universal metal protector
  • Long durability
  • Protect tools, equipment & machines

The product provides good corrosion protection for equipment, tools and machines. MPEX® 100C offers a durable protection of all inner or outer metal parts. The drying film is easily removable and provides long durability protection dependant on conditions.

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