• MPEX Plastic Filler Vehicle body filler ideal for repairing plastic panels & bumpers
  • MPEX Scratch Repair kit ideal for vehicle bumpers and body repairs, vehicle DIY repair KIT, plastic body filler included

MPEX® Scratch Repair D.I.Y. kit

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Repair your body work & bumpers easily in 5 steps with this D.I.Y kit simple instruction guide included.

The MPEX® Scratch Repair D.I.Y. Kit provides everything you will need to obtain a quality repair in just 5 easy to follow steps by following the guide manual, which is included in the package. The kit contains all of the necessary materials to repair scratches, chips or dents at a fraction of the price of using a professional body shop. Once you have finished the repair you can simply paint the damaged area with your chosen touch up paint or by purchasing your custom paint colour from our MPEX® Colour Matching System. The MPEX® brand is your guarantee that our products have been extensively tested in our own research and development centre.

Repairing your vehicle is simple with our 5 step guide view D.I.Y. Scratch Repair Kit Guide

Kit contents include:
• 1 x Tin of MPEX Plastic body filler 250g
• 1 x Easy air face mask
• 4 x Sheets of sanding paper
• 1 x Tacky cloth
• 1 x Roll of masking tape
• 1 x Rubbing block
• 1 x Filler spreader
• 1 x Filler mixing board
• 1 x Pair of vinyl gloves

Product Description

MPEX® Plastic Filler Information
2-pack flexible polyester putty for car repairs. It is especially dedicated to repair plastic panels subject to vibrations. MPEX® Plastic Filler has exceptional flexibly qualities, exhibiting maximum adhesion to plastic. Obtaining soft sanding properties delivering a very smooth finished surface. MPEX Plastic Filler has a very good adhesion with various substrates, it can be applied over. Bare steel and aluminium after flatting and degreasing. Zinc coated, galvanised steel after flatting and degreasing. Sanded glass fibre (GFK/GRP), polyester putties, works primers and existing coatings in good condition. Wood substrate after flatting and degreasing. The product is OEM approved and ISO9001 tested.

Method of use
Before applying sand, flatten and degrease surfaces. Mix 100 parts of putty to 2 parts hardener and stir thoroughly until achieving homogenous paste. Be careful not to create air inclusions. The hardening time is around 20 – 22 minutes at 20°C and this significantly increases if the temperature is below. When sanding the applied area we can recommend P80 – P120 for (dry) coarse sanding and P120 – P240 for (dry) finishing sanding.

Useful application tips for MPEX® Plastic Filler

  1. Before starting to sand, flatten and degrease surfaces you will require coarse and finishing sand paper
  2. Once mixed the pot life is 3 – 4 minutes at approximately 20°C
  3. The plastic filler can be applied in several thin coats. After each of them the product should dry through. Sand the coating before application of next coat.

Additional Information

  1. Do not apply putty directly on the reactive primers, 1-pack acrylic and nitrocellulose products.
  2. Excessive amounts of hardener will cause issues with bleaching of the topcoat!
  3. Keep the room well ventilated and wash all tool directly after application.
MPEX automotive car paint and custom matched touch up paint for car scratch repair. Car stone chip and road rash removal