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MPEX® DPF Regeneration Aid


MPEX® DPF Regeneration Aid

Diesel additive for a greener cleaner engine 1 x 300ml Can

MPEX® DPF Regenerate ensures complete and rapid diesel particulate filter regeneration. Reduces ignition temperature of trapped soot ensuring extraordinary combustion at temperatures typically encountered during normal engine operation. Prevents performance loss caused by clogged diesel particulate filters and incomplete combustion of soot. Reduces particulate emission assisting in meeting strict legislation and emission limits. Extends lifetime of the expensive diesel particulate filter. Most economic way of soot reduction without any changes to the fuel system. Regeneration of diesel particulate filters is 5-10 times faster and more complete than when using a catalyst coated diesel particulate filter. No secondary emissions.1 x 300ml can supplied with pouring nozzle attachment.

  • Rapid particulate filter regeneration
  • Prevents performance loss
  • Extends lifetime of the expensive diesel particulate filter
  • Can be used for all diesel engines with standard or retrofitted diesel particulate filter.
  • OEM Approved & tested
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