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Q12 Rust Remover


Q12 Rust Remover

Q12 Rust Remover 200ml Pot

Q12 removes the worst rust in minutes. Q12 is a mixture of hydrochloric and phosphoric acid which converts iron oxide in to iron phosphate. Q12 comes in a very thick jelly format. For best results, remove any loose rust with a wire brush then apply Q12 using a toothbrush. Leave for around 20 to 30 minutes to allow Q12 to react with the iron oxide (rust), then remove with water and dry. Re-apply and repeat as necessary. Q12 leaves a black phosphate, it doesn’t prime metal - bare metal will need primer. Q12 is ideal for use in the garage, home, workshop or on the farm for any rusty tools, implements and fittings.

  • Disolves the worst rust in minutes
  • No more sanding
  • Prevents corrosion
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